The1960s: Subculture, Pop Culture, Counter-Culture — Bibliography

Please note that where no publication details are specified the text is probably available in several editions. The status of some of the books is indicated in square brackets at the end [a shelf number shows that we have a copy]. Note that although many of these books are out of print they can be picked up second hand... keep your eyes open. Note also that many of these books appear under more than one heading... Using the Keyword Search facility on the University Library network can turn up useful material, as can the Search facility on the internet. Anyone with an ungovernable urge to purchase actual texts and artifacts from the 1960s should definitely visit Andrew Sclanders’ Beatbooks website.

·         Historical Background & Cultural Contexts

·         Popular Culture, TV and Pop Music

·         Youth and Subcultures

·         The Counter-Culture & the Underground Press

·         Literature, Drama & Criticism

·         Visual Art & Happenings/Actions/Performances

·         Cultural Politics & Protest

·         Mind, Body and 60s Strangeness...

·         60s Film and Video

Gerry Carlin, Mark Jones, Mair Evans