The Cat's Pajamas

This table lists the contents of The Cat's Pajamas, and links to adaptations of the stories in various media.

Note that many of these stories, though published here for the first time, were written a long time ago.

Details of First publication
(and other notes)
Chrysalis Written in 1946-7
(NOT the same story as in S is for Space.)
The Island Written in 1952
Sometime Before Dawn Written in 1950
Hail to the Chief Written in 2003-4
We'll Just Act Natural Written in 1948-9
Ole, Orozco! Siqueiros, Si! Written in 2003-4
The House Written in 1947
The John Wilkes Booth/Warner Brothers/MGM/NBC Funeral Train Written in 2003
A Careful Man Dies New Detective Magazine, November 1946.
The Cat's Pajamas Written in 2003
Triangle Written in 1951
The Mafioso Cement-Mixing Machine Written in 2003
The Ghosts Written in 1950-52
Where's My Hat, What's My Hurry Written in 2003
The Transformation Written in 1948-1949
Sixty-Six The Strand, Oct. 2003-Jan. 2004
A Matter of Taste Written in 1952; first appeared in It Came From Outer Space (2004)
I Get the Blues When it Rains (A Remembrance) Written in 1980
All My Enemies Are Dead Written in 2003
The Completist Written in 2003-2004
Epilogue: The R.B., G.K.C. and G.B.S. Orient Express Written in 1996-97

The Cat's Pajamas

First published in July 2004.

Picture shows Wm. Morrow first edition, 2004. Cover art by Ray Bradbury.


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