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Details of First publication
(and other notes)
Prologue: The Illustrated Man      
The Veldt     First published as "The World the Children Made", Saturday Evening Post, September 23 1950
Kaleidoscope     Thrilling Wonder Stories, October 1949.
The Other Foot     New Story Magazine, March 1951
The Highway     Copy, spring 1950 (under the pseudonym Leonard Spaulding)
The Man     Thrilling Wonder Stories, February 1949.
The Long Rain     First published as "Death-by-Rain", Planet Stories, summer 1950
The Rocket Man
(US edition only)
    Maclean’s, March 1 1951
The Fire Balloons
(US edition only)
    First published as "In This Sign…", Imagination, April 1951.
Usher II
(UK edition only)
    First published as "Carnival of Madness", Thrilling Wonder Stories, April 1950
The Last Night of the World     Esquire, February 1951
The Rocket     First published as "Outcast of the Stars", Super Science Stories, March 1950
The Exiles
(US edition only)
    First published as "The Mad Wizards of Mars", Maclean’s, September 15 1949
No Particular Night or Morning     (First appearance.)
The Fox and the Forest     First published as "To the Future", Collier's, May 13 1950
The Visitor     Startling Stories, November 1948
The Concrete Mixer
(US edition only)
  Thrilling Wonder Stories, April 1949.
Marionettes, Inc. Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Ray Bradbury Theater
  Startling Stories, March 1949.
The City     First published as "Purpose", Startling Stories, July 1950.
Zero Hour     Planet Stories, fall 1947
The Playground
(UK edition only)
Ray Bradbury Theater   Esquire, October 1953.

The Illustrated Man

First published by Doubleday in 1951.

Picture shows Panther edition (1979). Cover art by Peter Goodfellow.

Gauntlet Press edition (1995), limited to 600 copies signed by Bradbury, William F. Nolan, and Ed Gorman.


Avon paperback (1997).


Flamingo paperback (1994).


Bantam Spectra paperback (1989).


Bantam paperback, 39th printing, August 1982. This design was first used for a 1969 book club edition, and is said to be one of Bradbury's favourites. The artist is unknown, however!


Denoel edition, France 1999.
Diogenes edition, Germany 2002.
Bantam first paperback edition, 1952.

The Illustrated Man

This table lists the contents of The Illustrated Man, and links to adaptations of the stories in various media.

Note: The US and UK editions of this book have different contents. Stories are included in both versions unless otherwise stated.