Constantin Orasan

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Research interests

My research interests in computational linguistics are text summarisation, question answering, information extraction, opinion mining, anaphora and coreference resolution, building, annotation and exploitation of corpora, text mining and applications of machine learning for natural language processing. You can see my papers on these topics on the papers webpage. I am also interested in artificial intelligence in general, information retrieval and information sciences.

Research projects

I was involved in a large number of projects funded by UK funding bodies, EU and private companies both as a participant and as the project manager. I participated in all the stages of the projects from preparation of the proposal to secure the funding, implemention of the project and final reporting. The most notable projects I was involved in are QALL-ME and MESSAGE project as project manager, and CAST as the main researcher on the project. You can see the whole list of projects here.

Research supervision

I am supervising undergraduate and postgraduate research projects on topics related to my research interests. I am currently supervising three PhD students and three masters students. You can find the list of current and past students I have supervised on my research supervision page.


My involvement in various projects lead to the development of various resources for computational linguistics, many of which are freely available for the research community. They include corpora and software.

Recent research related activities

I am also involved in other research related activities such as organising workshops, giving invited talks and being member of programme committee at international conferences. I am also reviewing for several journals and I am member of the editorial board of the Book series on Natural Language Processing published by John Benjamins. You can find electronic versions of most of my tutorials and talks on this page.

"Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it." - Andre Gide

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