Current Position

Lecturer in Commercial Exploitation of Natural Language Processing, Research Institute in Information and Language Processing.

About myself

I am a "young" man, Vietnamese, and was born in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Having got my Engineer Degree at Department of Information Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology,  Vietnam, in 2000, I came to the Computational Linguistics Group, University of Wolverhampton to write a PhD in Automatic Terminology Processing under the supervision of Prof. Ruslan Mitkov, which I just finished in July 2007. From 2005, I have been working as a research fellow in the group. In 2007, I have been appointed as Lecturer in Commercial Exploitation of Natural Language Processing in the Research Institute in Information and Language Processing. I am in charge of a project aiming at processing multiple-choice test items.


My PhD thesis is about Automatic Terminology Processing (ATP), which is needed for both other NLP applications and aiding humans in terminology-related tasks.

From 2003, I have also worked on the subject of multiple-choice question generation together with Prof. Mitkov. We have developed a multiple-choice question generation engine, in which ATP is used to identify important concepts from which questions will be generated. From 2005, I have been working as a research fellow on various projects related to multiple-choice question generation using NLP technology.

I am also interested in other  NLP issues such as word segmentation, information extraction, and multilingual NLP.

My papers here


During the summer of 2004 and up to 2005, I have worked (designed/programmed) for a start-up company named translution in the field of machine translation. I have been working comfortably and extensively with various technologies and platforms, including Perl, Java, C#, Php, MSSQL, Oracle, Windows, Linux, and Solaris. I believe we should get the best from these technologies, and choose ones which are most suitable for a particular application. I have been developing several web interfaces to support various NLP related tasks such as dictionary enrichment, and multiple-choice question post-editing.

More about self and Wolverhampton

My under-graduate project is about Vietnamese Speech Recognition, using Hidden Markov Model. 

I like swimming, jogging, and I can play volleyball (quite bad). And I love reading.  To prove that I love jogging, I have finish a 5km run, and intend to make a half marathon, but ... it's hard, it's hard :). I also ran a half marathon, which I finish at about the same time people finishing their full one :).

Something about Wolverhampton: Very nice on sunny days (how many sunny days do we have here in UK? ), and the other good thing, Birmingham is so close that travel is not a problem, but train! And for seven years I have been here, nothing changes much.

Now, if you want to see my pictures, and films, just click and wait.

The Wolves is was in the Premiership, you know that, so in 2004, Arsenal, MU, Liverpool, etc. came here! Wolves has beaten MU in that year, then gone down, what a shame! They stay, and stay down, may be I should move somewhere instead of waiting for them to go up again. They keep getting into the play-off positions, without any further progress.

Need to contact me? Are you sure? Here you are:

Le An Ha (or Ha Le An)
Research Institute in Language and Information Processing
University of Wolverhampton
Stafford Street
United Kingdom