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1789 French Revolution
1793 Women’s political clubs closed by Jacobins
1804 Napoleonic Code – husband controlled wife, her children and her property, women could not attend political meetings, unchaperoned women could be arrested as prostitutes, adultery by wife punished by 2 years imprisonment and divorce, adultery by husband unpunished but wife could sue for divorce if he installed permanent mistress in the household.
1830 Falloux Law established primary schools for girls under control of Catholic Church.
1866 Society for the Demand for Women’s Rights set up.
1870-71 Radical members of this society took part in Paris Commune.
1870 Third Republic
1871 Association for the Rights of Women set up – stood for education and economic independence for women and legalization of divorce.
1874 Became Association for the Amelioration of Women’s Lot.
1874 Josephine Butler, campaigner against state regulation of prostitution, visited Paris.
1876 Hubertine Auclert founded The Rights of Women – supported women’s suffrage.
1878 International Congress on Women’s Rights held in Paris - did not support suffrage.
1879 Women’s teacher training college set up by Government.
1880 Women admitted to lectures at the Sorbonne.
1880 Socialist women set up the Union of Women.
1881 Hubertine Auclert started newspaper La Citoyenne.
1882 Group split from Association for the Amerioration of Women’s lot to set up French League for the Rights of Women – supported abolition of state regulation of prostitution.
1883 Hubertine Auclert’s group renamed Women’s Suffrage Society
1884 Divorce legalized, but easier for husband to divorce wife than vice versa.
During 1880s Eugenie Potonie-Pierre founded Solidarite des Femmes
1889 2nd International Congress on Women’s Rights held – suffrage still not on agenda.
1892 Eugenie Potonié-Pierre formed Federation of French feminist societies.
1897 Marguerite Durand founded La Fronde, a feminist daily paper.
1897 Women got right to be civil witnesses.
1900 National Council of French women set up as umbrella organisation for feminist groups. Had 28,000 members.
1902 Mainstream feminist organisations supported suffrage.
1908 Married women got control over their own salaries.
1909 French Union for Women’s Suffrage set up – affiliated to International Women’s Suffrage Alliance.
1912 Paternity suits permitted by law.
1914 National Council of French Women had 100, 000 members in 123 groups.
1919 Equal pay
1938 Wives no longer legally required to obey husband.
1945 Women got right to vote and stand for public office.
1946 Full legal equality for women in 4th Republic Constitution.

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