Chronologies for students on WS3300

The chronologies are not complete. Add relevant dates from the sources you read.


1860s Mariya Trubnikova, Anna Filosfova and Nadezhda Stasova formed feminist philanthropic group which provided cheap lodgings, meals and employment for working class women.
1870s Feminists involved in providing semi-official higher education courses for women – dependent on government approval.
Spread of secondary education for girls.
Many women attracted to revolutionary movements rather than feminism – 30% of revolutionaries in late 1870s.
1890s Industrialisation and expansion of cities.
1895 Russian Women’s Mutual Benefit Society formed.
1901 Second Revolutionaries formed.
1903 Social Democrats formed.
Liberal Party established.
1905 Revolution.
Universities open to women.
Union of Equal Rights formed – linked with Constitutional Democrats (Kadets) – demanded universal suffrage – petitioned Duma.
1905 Women’s Progressive Party set up.
1906 1st Duma dissolved – limited property suffrage included women for subsequent Dumas.
1908 Congress of Russian Women held.
1908 Alexandra Kollontal published ‘The Social Bases of the Woman Question’ – socialist feminists did not ally with bourgeois feminists.
1917 February Revolution – women got vote, access to civil service, legal profession and all elected bodies.

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