Chronologies for students on WS3300

The chronologies are not complete. Add relevant dates from the sources you read.


1861 Italy unified
1877 Anna Maria Mozzoni organised a petition for women's suffrage
1890s Industrialisation in Northern Italy.
1898 Society for Women’s Work set up.
1898 Association for Women set up - educational aims.
1903 National Council of Women set up.
1905 National Committee for Women’s Suffrage.
1912 Universal manhood suffrage.
1914 Split in feminist movement over the war.
1919 Lower house passed female suffrage bill – vetoed by Senate.
1922 Majority of feminist movement supported Mussolini – had become disillusioned with Parliament and saw Mussolini as defence against Socialism.
1925 Association for Women suppressed and other organisations rendered ineffective.
1971 Divorce legalised.
1974 Church initiated referendum to repeal divorce laws – lost.
1977 Equal Pay Act and Equal Opportunities Act.
1978 Legalisation of abortion.
1981 Feminist petition for reform of rape laws.
1981 Referendum to limit abortion rights defeated.

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