Political Movements and Campaigns


Campaign against Racism & Fascism
Antiracism Net
Minority Rights Group International
Internet Centre Anti-racism Europe
Unite against Fascism (UK)
National Assembly against Racism (UK)
European Network against nationalism, racism,
fascism and in support of migrants and refugees


Global March against Child Labour
Jubilee 2000
World Development Movement
WTO Protests in Seattle
Globalise Resistance
Social Movements International Secretariat
European Social Forum
Ontario Coalition against Poverty (Canada)
Share the World's Resources
Direct Action Info
Mayday UK protests

Migrants and Refugees

United Nations High Commisioner for Refugees
European Council on Refugees & Exiles
National Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights
Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees
De Fabel (Holland)
Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers (UK)
National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (UK)


Friends of the Earth International
Oneworld Net
Earth First
Global Green Network
Friends of the Earth Europe
Climate Action Network Europe
Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe
Friends of the Earth (UK)
Green Party (UK)


Abolition 2000
War Resisters International
Global Network against Weapons
and Nuclear Power in Space

Women in Black
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Arms Reduction Coalition
European Network Against the Arms Trade
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (UK)
Stop the War Coalition (UK)
Military Families Against the War (UK)
Peace Pledge Union (UK)
Network for Peace (UK)
Trident Ploughshares (UK)
The Menwith Hill Site (UK)
Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors (UK)
The Peace People (Northern Ireland)
Irish Anti-War Movement
United for Peace and Justice (USA)
Not in Our Name (USA)
Peace Now (Israel)
Bat Shalom (Israel)
Coalition of Women for Peace (Israel)
Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg


Global Sisterhood Network
Global Fund for Women
MADRE - Women's Human Rights
Coalition against Trafficking in Women
Women Working Worldwide
Women Living under Muslim Laws
South Asian Women's Network
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
Women's Net (South Africa)
Women of Uganda Network
European Women's Lobby
WIDE - Women in Development Europe
Network of East-West Women
National Assembly of Women (UK)
Women's Aid (UK)
Women Connect (UK)

Lesbian and Gay Rights

International Lesbian and Gay Association
International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
Outrage (UK)
Stonewall (UK)
Glasgow LGBT Centre (Scotland)
National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce (USA)

International Solidarity organisations

Palestine Solidarity Campaign (UK)
Cuba Solidarity Campaign (UK)
Colombia Solidarity Campaign (UK)
Justice for Colombia (UK)
Venezuela Solidarity (Australia)
Hands Off Venezuela (USA)
Guatemala Solidarity Network (UK)
Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (USA)
Guatemala Canada Solidarity Network
Latin America Solidarity Coalition (USA)
Latin America Solidarity Centre (Ireland)
East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign
Bolivian Solidarity Campaign (UK)
Argentina Solidarity Campaign (UK)
Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign (UK)


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