Political Corruption


United Nations Office for Drug Control & Crime Prevention
OECD - Fighting Bribery and Corruption
OECD Working Group on Bribery
Global Forum on Fighting Corruption
Transparency International
World Bank Institute for Governance and Anti-Corruption
Internet Center for Coruption Research
United Nations Office for Drug Control & Crime Prevention
Common Cause
GRECO - Group of States against Corruption


Political Party Strategies to Combat Corruption
World Bank Report on Corruption in Poland
Global Corruption Report
Dealing with corruption in Central and Eastern Europe
Athens Statement on Political Corruption
Corruption and Money Laundering
Combatting Transnational Crime and Corruption in Europe
Corruption, Contraband and Organised Crime in Southeast Europe
Anticorruption in Transition: A Contribution to the Policy Debate
Corruption in the Countries of South-Eastern Europe
Political Corruption in the United States and Around the Globe
Declaration on 10 joint measures to curb corruption in South Eastern Europe
Corruption and Anti-Corruption Policy in Central and Eastern Europe


Political Corruption Links
Anti-Corruption Gateway
A Handbook on Fighting Corruption
Anti-Corruption Toolkit
Corruption Fighters’ Tool Kit
Political corruption
Political Corruption Links
Corruption News


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