Quotations for students on WS3300

Women and Politics

'Women throughout the world are very good at politics. It is just what they do is not counted as political activity.'

Davies, L. (1984) 'Political Education, Gender and the Art of the Possible', Educational Review 36/2.

'Women's political actions from the non-violent oppositional civil disobedience up to the engagement in terrorist violence are mediated by representations of natural versus unnatural womanhood on the one hand and ideas of political consensus and dissent on the other.'

Meinhof, U. (1986) 'Subversion and its Media Representation' in Reynolds, S. (ed) Women, State and Revolution

'The major concepts of contemporary Western political thought are built on an acceptance of the idea that the public is fundamentally distinct from the private and personal. This distinction informs the discipline and shapes the analytic tools of traditional political science. It contributes to making women and their political interests invisible.'

Jones, K. (1988) 'Towards the Revision of Politics' in Jones, K. & Jonasdottir, A. The Political Interests of Gender

'Women's relationally defined existence....results in a social understanding in which dichotomies are less foreign, everyday life is more valued, and a sense of connectedness and continuity with other persons and the natural world is central.'

Diamond, I & Hartsock, N. (1981) 'Beyond Interests in Politics', American Political Science Review, Vol. 75

'They must be visible politically as women, and be empowered to act in that capacity, because there is the continual possibility (not necessity) that they may have needs and attitudes on vital issues which differ from those of men'.

Jonasdottir, A. (1988) 'On the concept of interest....' in Jones, K. & Jonasdottir, A. The Political Interests of Gender

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