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HS1015 Campaigning and Citizenship
CU1013 Media, Politics and Power
WR1003 War & Reconstruction in the Balkans
PO2212 Issues in Contemporary European Politics
PO2004 The Politics of Citizenship
HS2017 Telling Our Stories
WS3300 Women in Europe
WS3000 Feminism, Materialism and Postmodernism
WS3005 Equality and Diversity
WS3000 Political Theory


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Using PowerPoint

This is one of a series of pages created for students and colleagues at the University of Wolverhampton.
Most of the pages are created using html.
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PowerPoint in the Classroom
How to get started with PowerPoint
Nick Dvoracek's page
UoW Guide to PowerPoint
Microsoft Guide to PowerPOint
Using PowerPoint in Teaching
Using PowerPoint as a Presentation Aid


Created by Penny Welch April 2003


Brainy Betty PowerPoint Templates
PowerPoint Backgrounds
Pix-Elite Graphics


Helix Images for Higher Education
Beryl's Free Photographs
Jim's West End Photo Diary
Feed My Eyes
Free Images

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