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WS1000 From Subordination to Citizenship?
WS2203 Feminist Theory & the Contemporary Women's Movement
WS3300 Women in Europe
WS3000 Feminism, Materialism & Postmodernism


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Feminism and Sexuality by Lynne Segal
Putting the Politics Back into Lesbianism by Janice G. Raymond
Prostitution and Feminism by Maggie O'Neill
Redefining Prostitution as Sex Work by Jo Bindman
Contemorary Discourses on Trafficking in Women by Jo Doezema
The Global Trafficking Of Women by Judith Mirkinson
The Traffic in Women for Prostitution from the Newly Independent States by Global Survival Network
Essentialism/ Constructivism Debate in Gay and Lesbian Scholarship by David Munsey
Youth, Gender and Sexuality by Shekar Seshadri

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Duke University documents from the Women's Movement
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The Women's Library - documents on First Wave Feminism
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Glasgow Gay and Lesbian Centre
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