Women and Slavery in the Caribbean

History of Slavery
Transatlantic Slave Trade
The Transatlantic Trade in Enslaved Africans
European Migration to Mexico and the Caribbean
The Sugar and Slave Trades
Slavery and the Caribbean
Parliament and the British Slave trade 1600-1807
Maps, Photographs and Exhibitions
Map of Caribbean
The Transatlantic Slave Trade routes
The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas
Caribbean Views from the British Library
International Slavery Museum
Slave Resistance
Black resistance against slavery
Slave Resistance Website
Resistance, Rebellion and Abolition
Resistance to Indentured Labour
Anti-Slavery in the UK
Olaudah Equiano website
Anti-Slave Trade campaigns
Elizabeth Heyrick
Elizabeth Heyrick's pamphlet
Abolition: commemorating the passing of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act
Quasheba, Mother, Queen: Black Women's Public Leadership and Political Protest in Postemancipation Jamaica by Mimi Sheller
More than Producers and Reproducers: Jamaican Slave Women's Dance and Song in the 1770s-1830s by Henrice Altink
Enslaved women and slavery before and after 1807 by Diana Paton
Britain, slavery and the trade in enslaved Africans by Marika Sherwood
The other side of slave revolts by Gelien Matthews
'This horably wicked action;: abortion and resistance on a Jamaican slave plantation by David Clover
The Demographic Cost of Sugar: Debates on Slave Societies and Natural Increase in the Americas by Michael Tadman
The Urban Context of Slave Life: Views from Bridgetown, Barbados,in the 18th and 19th Centuries by Pedro Welch
Influences of British Economic Imperialist Fortunes on Slavery, Sugar & Abolition by Jennifer Payne
Producers, Reproducers, and Rebels: Grenadian Slave Women 1783-1833 by Nicole Phillip
Sisterhood and Slavery: Transantlantic Antislavery and Women's Rights - conference proceedings
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