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C-SAP Project Reports
Parliamentary and Political Placements by John McLean
Experience-Based Learning In Parliament by Lord Norton of Louth
The role of a VLE in the Teaching of Political Concepts and Reasoning by Brian Slocock
Online learning: its implications for deep learning, assessment and retention by Alasdair Blair
The Internet as a Research Tool by David Dolowitz
The Use Of C&IT in Level 1 Modules by Penny Welch

Teaching Politics

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Approaches and Methods
Case Studies for Politics
Using film to teach Politics
World Lecture Hall
Internet Resources for Political Science
The Ultimate Political Science Links
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Internet for Government and Politics
Information Technology for Politics Teaching

Teaching politics and history: insights from the internet by Allison Drew
Politics and the real world: a case study in developing case-based learning by Sarah Hale
Use of internet sources in International Studies teaching and research by Wayne Selcher

Created by Penny Welch August 2000
Updated July 2006

Discussion Lists
H-Teachpol Discussion list
Teaching Politics

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Political Science sources
Interactive Maps of the Cold War
History and Politics Out Loud
National archives (USA)
Teaching Politics-Techniques and Technologies
Marxists Internet Archive
Teaching global issues
Teaching Materials on the History of Political Thought by John Kilcullen
German unification case study
Search Engine for Politics
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Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning (FDTL) Projects in Politics
Case based learning in Politics
The Politics Active Research Learning Environment (PARLE)
PREPOL: Developing a Pre-Entry and Initial Guidance Package for the Study of Politics and International Relations
The Scholarship of Engagement for Politics
Teaching Citizenship in Higher Education