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WS1000 From Subordination to Citizenship?
HS1015 Campaigning and Citizenship
WS2203 Feminist Theory a& the Contemporary Women's Movement
WS3300 Women in Europe
WS3000 Feminism, Materialism & Postmodernism


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Women in Europe


Declaration of the Rights of Women, Olympe de Gouge 1791
Vindication of the Rights of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft
Essay on Women in the French Revolution
Women of the Third Reich
Emancipation of Women 1750 - 1920
Alexandra Kollantai
Clara Zetkin
Clara Zetkin - My Recollections of Lenin
Simone de Beauvoir
Victorian Women Writers Project


Women's Perspectives in Hungary before Beijing
by Judit Acsady

Women's Movement in post-Soviet Russia
by Nadezhda Azhgikhina

History of German Women's Movement
by Bob Burkhardt

Women's Rights in Citizens' Europe
by Elizabeth Meehan

Increasing Women's Representation in the Ukraine
by Marina Tserkonivnitska

Using Quotas to Increase Women's Representation
by Drude Dahlerup

The Position of Women in Norway by P Mørkhagen
Romani Women by Dimitrina Petrova
Mainstreaming Gender in the European Union
by M Pollack & E Hafner-Burton

Human Rights - A European Challenge? by Malka Marcovich
Overcoming Traditional Gender Stereotypes in the EU
by M Rozof

Gender Equality and the EU by Joe Folley
Male Economies and the Status of Women in Post-Communist Countries by Suzanne LaFont


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European Women's Lobby
Women against Violence: Europe
Aviva - Europe
Feminist Sites in French
Women's Movement of Russia
Network of East-West Women
European Womenaction Network


Women and Law in Europe
European Database: Women in Decision-Making
Women in Politics in the Council of Europe Member States
European Database: Women in Decision-Making
European Union Gender Equality page
Abortion Law in Europe
Q Web Sweden
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