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HS1015 Campaigning and Citizenship
WS2203 Feminist Theory & the Contemporary Women's Movement
WS3000 Feminism, Materialism & Postmodernism
WS3005 Equality and Diversity
WS3300 Women in Europe


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Feminist Review
European Journal of Women's Studies
Women's History Review
Central Europe Review

Women and Employment


UNIFEM report on Women's Paid Employment
Gender Equality and Enlargement of the European Union
European Database Reports
Report on Impact of Children on Women's Employment in EU member states
Human Rights Watch report on Women's Labour Rights
Bridge - Briefings on Gender and Development
Report from UK Government's Women and Equality Unit
The Kingsmill Review of Women's Pay and Employment


Gender Equality, Women's Employment: Cross-National Patterns of Policy and Politics
by Ann Shola Orloff

Women in Economies in Transition
by Tatjana Sokolova

Mainstreaming Gender in the European Union
by M Pollack & E Hafner-Burton

Male Economies and the Status of Women in Post-Communist Countries by Suzanne LaFont


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Updated April 2003


European Women's Lobby
Aviva - Europe
Network of East-West Women
European Womenaction Network
Gender Equality Unit of European Commission
Opportunity Now - UK
Equal Opportunities Commission - UK
Women and Equality Unit - UK
Trades Union Congress
Lesbian and Gay Employment Rights
Commission for Racial Equality - UK
Disability Rights Commission - UK
Women's Council in Denmark
International Labour Organisation


Women's Work in the Early Industrial Revolution in England and Wales
Women's Sweated Labour in Victorian Britain
Women and Employment on the Home Front during World War One
by Joanna Bourke

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Women Working Worldwide
Women in the European Union - online book
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