WS3300 Women in Europe

Week 3 Women and Politics

Studying Women and Politics

Women and Politics is a vast topic and could include In this topic we concentrate on the second and third aspects. However, we deal with the last three aspects in other parts of the module.

Tasks for Students
Make some firm generalizations about women and politics, either across the world or just in Europe.
Can you explain the thinking behind your generalizations?
What sort of empirical evidence would you need to test out your generalizations?

We need to approach the study of women and politics historically, empirically and theoretically. To find out what the patterns of women's political participation and of their representation in positions of political leadership are, we need some statistics.

Women in National Parliaments
Women in Decision-making

It is useful to look for changes over time

Chronology of Women's Suffrage
Women in the House of Commons Factsheet

In looking for explanations of patterns, it is useful to compare the patterns in different countries or different regions.

Centre for Advancement of Women in Politics
Women in Governmment
Cultural Barriers to Women's Leadership: A Worldwide Comparison by P. Norris & R. Inglehart
Women's Representation and Electoral Systems
Women's Representation in Parliament: The Role of Political Parties by Miki Caul

Gender Differences in Political Participation

In the 1970s, studies of liberal democracies showed that women were The first and third generalisations were also made about women in the political systems of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.
It was also said that the higher proportion of women in national parliaments in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union than in the national parliaments of Western Europe was due to Communist parties trying to make these assemblies, which were not based on competitive elections, look representative of the population.

The picture has changed quite considerably since then.

Tasks for Students
What explanation can you give for the position in the 1970s?
What factors might have caused the picture to change over the last 20 years?

Challenging the Under-representation of Women and Women's Issues

Among the measures that have been taken to increase the representation of women in national parliaments are quota systems.

Women Around the World
Women in Politics: The Long Road to Parity by Caroline Lambert
French National Assembly page on 'Parité, égalité entre les femmes et les hommes' (in French)
Using Quotas to Increase Women's Political Participation by Drude Dahlerup

More materials about women, political parties and parliaments

Obstacles to Women's Participation in Politics by N. Shvedova
Blair's Babes: Critical Mass Theory, Gender and Legislative Life by Pippa Norris & Joni Lovenduski$File/rwp01_039_pnorris.pdf
Gender and Contemporary British Politics by Pippa Norris
Man Enough for the Job?: a Study of Parliamentary Candidates by Jessica Elgood, Louise Vinter & Rachel Williams
Power, Politics, Positionings: Women in Northern Ireland Report by Democratic Dialogue (1996)
The Northern Ireland Assembly and Women: Assessing the Gender Deficit December 2000
Second Among Equals: Women and the Conservative Party.
Lecture by Tessa Keswick, October 2000
Women in Parliament: Their Contribution to Labour's First 1000 Days by Fiona Mactaggart
Labour Women
Guardian page on 'Women and Politics',12913,911307,00.html

Tasks for Students
Give your views on the following questions
What general social and economic changes might have helped to improve the representation of women in national parliaments in Western Europe?
Are similar trends present in Russia and Eastern Europe?
How influential have women's movements been in putting women's issues on the agenda of national parliaments?
Why is it considered desirable for men and women to be equally represented in national parliaments?
Do the same arguments apply to the gender balance of national governments?

Full Reading List on Women and Politics

Selected Reading

General\ Conceptual\ Europe-wide

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Soviet Union\ Russia\ Eastern Europe

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Labour Research Articles

"Women in unions: a long way to go" April 1986
"Why women stay out of the house" Jan 1992
"Challenging the men in suits" March 1992
"Slow progress in Euro-unions" March 1992
"The Commons: A Women's Place" 1991
"More Women in the gentlemen's club?" May 1992
'Labour Threat to Gentleman's Club' March 1997

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