WS3300 Women in Europe Reading List

Books that Cover Significant Themes in the Module

Dahlerup, D. (ed) (1986) The New Women's Movement.
Lovenduski, J. (1986) Women & European Politics: Contemporary Feminism & Public Policy.
Reynolds, S. (ed) (1986) Women, State & Revolution: Essays on Power & Gender in Europe since 1789.
Norris, P. (1987) Politics & Sexual Equality: Women in Western Democracies.
Randall, V. (1987) Women and Politics. (2nd ed)
Buckley, M. & Anderson, M. (eds) (1988) Women, Equality & Europe.
Dominelli, L (1991) Women across Continents: Feminist Comparative Social Policy.
Pillinger, J. (1992) Feminizing the Market: Women's Pay and Employment in the European Community.
Corrin, C. (ed) (1992 Superwomen and the Double Burden: Women's Experience of Change in the Soviet Union, Central & E. Europe. 305.42047SUP 1xRS,1xD.
Kaplan, G. (1992) Contemporary Western European Feminism. 305.42KAP 1xRS 301.412KAP 1xD
Rai S et al (1992) Women in the Face of Change: Soviet Union, E.Europe & China.
Einhorn, B. (1993) Cinderella goes to Market: Citizenship, Gender and Women's Movements in East Central Europe.
Lovenduski, J. & Norris, P (eds) (1993) Gender and Political Parties. 320.2082GEN 4xRS 329GEN 1xD
Ward, A. (1993) Women and Citizenship in Europe. 305.42WOM
Funk, N. & Mueller, M. (1993) Gender Politics and Post Communism.
Posadskaya, A. (ed) (1994) Women in Russia: a New Era in Russian Feminism.
Threlfall, M. (ed) (1996) Mapping the Women's Movement.
Hoskyns, C. (1996) Integrating Gender: Women, Law and Politics in the EU.
Pilkington, H. (1996) Gender, Generation and Identity in Contemporary Russia.
Ferreira, V. et al (eds) (1998) Shifting Bonds, Shifting Bounds: Women, Mobility and Citizenship in Europe.
Allwood, G. (1998) French Feminisms.
Caine, B. & Sluga, G. (2000) Gendering European History.

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