WS3300 Women in Europe Reading List

First-wave Feminism in Europe

General\ Europe-wide

Evans, R (1977) The Feminists: Women's Emancipation Movements 1840-1920
Rendall, J. (1985) The Origins of Modern Feminism: Women in Britain, France & USA 1780-1860
Boxer, M. & Quataert, J. (eds) (1978) European Socialist Feminism in the 19th and 20th Century 301.412094
Slaughter, J. & Kern, R. (eds) (1981) European Women on the Left: 1880-to the present
Evans, R. (1987) Comrades & Sisters: Feminism, Socialism & Pacifism 1870-1945
Reynolds, S. (1986) Women, State & Revolution: Essays on Power & Gender in Europe since 1789
Offen, K. (1987) 'Liberty, equality & justice for women: the theory & practice of feminism in 19th Century' in Bridenthal, R et al (eds) Becoming Visible: Women in European History
Offen, K. (1988) 'Defining Feminism: a Comparative Historical Approach' Signs 14/1
Hurwitz, E. (1977)'The International Sisterhood' in Bridenthal, R et al (eds) Becoming Visible: Women in European History


Frevert, U. (1989) Women in German History: from Bourgeois Emancipation to Sexual Liberation
Zetkin, C. (1994) On the History of the German Working-Class Women's Movement
Thonnessen, W. (1973) The Emancipation of Women: the Rise and Decline of the Women's Movement in German Social Democracy 1863-1933
Hackett, A. (1976) 'Feminism & Liberalism in Wilhelmine Germany 1890-1918' in Carroll, B. (ed) Liberating Women's History
Evans, R. (1980) 'Bourgeois Feminists & Women Socialists in Germany 1894-1914', Women's Studies International Quarterly 3/4
Wickert, C. et al (1982) ' 'Helene Stocker and the Society for the Protection of Motherhood' in Sarah, E. (ed) Reassessments of 1st Wave Feminism
Allen, A. (1985) 'Adele Schreiber, Helene Stocker and the Evolution of the German Idea of Motherhood 1900-1914', Signs 10\3
Gerhard, V. (1982) 'Reflections on the History of Germany's Women's Movements', Women's Studies International Forum 5/6
Neumann, R. (1974) 'The Sexual Question & Social Democracy in Imperial Germany', Journal of Social History 7/3


Macmillan, J. (1991) The Place of Women in French Society 1870-1940
Spencer, S.(ed) (1992) French Women and the Age of Enlightenment
Sowerine, C. (1982) Women & Socialism in France since 1876
Faure, C (1991) Democracy without Women: Feminism and the Rise of Liberal Individualism in France
Hause, S. (1984) Women's Suffrage & Social Policy in the French 3rd Republic
Hause, S. & Kenney, A. (1981) 'The Limits of Suffrage Behaviour: legalism & militancy in France 1876-1922' American Historical Review, October.
Scott, J. (1989) 'French Feminists and the Rights of 'Man': Olympe de Gouge's Declarations', History Workshop Journal No 28.
Macmillan, J. (1981) 'Clericals, Anti-Clericals & the Women's Movement in France under the 3rd Repulic', Historical Journal 24/2.
Boxer, M. (1982) 'First-wave feminism in 19th Century France', Women's Studies International Forum 5/6 (Also in Sarah, E. (ed) (1982) Reassessments of 1st Wave Feminism )
Boxer, M. (1981) 'When Radical and Socialist Feminism were joined: the extraordinary failure of Madeleine Pelletier' in J Slaughter& R Kern (eds) European Women on the Left.
Boxer, M. (1978) 'Socialism faces Feminism: the Failure of Synthesis in France 1879-1914' in Boxer, M. & Quataert, J. (eds) European Socialist Feminism
Graham, R. (1977) 'Loaves and Liberty: Women in the French Revolution' in Bridenthall, R. & Koonz, C. (eds) Becoming Visible 1
Mitchell, C. (1989) 'Madeleine Pelletier 1874-1939: the Politics of Sexual Oppression" Feminist Review No 33.


Banks, O. (1981) Faces of Feminism
Rowbotham, S. (1973) Hidden from History
Caine, B. (1982) 'Feminism, Suffrage & the 19th Century English Women's Movement', Women's Studies International Forum Vol 5 No 6.


Kaplan, T. (1982) 'Female consciousness & collective action: the case of Barcelona 1910-1918', Signs 7/3.
Kaplan, T. (1977) 'Women and Spanish Anarchism' in Bridenthal, R & Koonz, C. (eds) Becoming Visible: Women in European History
Nash, M. (1996) 'Political Culture, Catalan Nationalism and the Women's Movement in Early C20th Spain', Women's Studies International Forum, 19/1-2.

Russia\Soviet Union

Edmondson, L (1984) Feminism in Russia 1900-1917
Stites, R. (1978) The Women's Liberation Movement in Russia: Feminism, Nihilism and Bolshevism 1860-1930.
Engel, B. (1983) Mothers and Daughters: Women of the Intelligentsia in 19th century Russia 301.4120947ENG
Heitlinger, A. (1979) Women & State Socialism Part 2
Lindenmeyer, A. (1993) 'Women in Russian Charity 1762-1914' Signs 18/3
Bobroff, A. (1974) 'The Bolsheviks & Working Women 1905-1920' Soviet Studies Vol 26
Engel, B. (1977) 'Women as Revolutionaries: the case of the Russian Populists' in Bridenthal, R. &
Koonz, C. Becoming Visible: Women in European History
Fieseler, B. (1989) 'The Making of Russian Female Social Democrats 1890-1917' International Review of Social History 34\2
Clements, B. (1973) 'Emancipation through Communism: the Ideology of A Kollantai' Slavic Review No 32
Meyer, A. (1977) 'Women and the Women's Movement' in Atkinson, D. et al (eds) Women in Russia
Rosenthal, B. (1977) 'Love on the Tractor: Women in the Russian Revolution and after' in Bridenthal, R. & Koonz, C. Becoming Visible: Women in European History
Farnworth, B. (1978) 'Bolshevism, the Woman Question and Aleksandra Kollontai', in Boxer. M. & Quataert, J. European Socialist Feminism

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