WS3300 Women in Europe Reading List

Second Wave Feminism in Europe

General\ Europe-wide

Dahlerup, D. (ed) (1986) The New Women's Movement: Feminism & Political Power in Europe & the USA
Bradshaw, J. (ed) (1982) The Women's Liberation Movement: Europe & N. America
Kaplan, G. (1992) Contemporary West European Feminism
Randall, V. (1985) Women & Politics Ch 5
Bassnet, S. (1987) The Women's Movement in 4 Cultures
Stienstra, D. (1994) Women's Movements and International Organisations
Threlfall, M. (ed) (1996) Mapping the Women's Movement
Jenson, J. (1985) 'The Women's Movement & the State in W. Europe', West European Politics 8/4
Haug, F (1989) 'Lessons from the Women's Movement in Europe', Feminist Review No 31
Benn, M. (1987) 'In and Against the European Left: Socialist Feminists get Organized' Feminist Review No 26


Duchen, C. (1986) Feminism in France: from May '68 to Mitterrand
Duchen, C. (ed) (1987) French Connections: Voices from the Women's Movement in France
Kaufmann-McCall, D. (1983) 'The Womens Movement in France from May '68 to Mitterrand' Signs 9/2
Marks, E. & de Courtivron, I (1981) New French Feminism
Marks, E (1978) 'Women & Literature in France', Signs 3/4
Burke, C. (1978) 'Report from Paris', Signs 3/4
Sauter-Baillet, T. (1981) 'The Feminist Movement in France', Women's Studies International Forum 4/4
Ducrocq, F. (1985) 'The Women's Liberation Movement in Socialist France', M/F


Caldwell, L. (1978) 'Church, State & Family: the Women's Movement in Italy' in Kuhn, A. & Wolpe, A. Feminism & Materialism
Froggett, L. (1981) 'Feminism & the Italian Trade Unions', Feminist Review No 8
Beckwith, K. (1985) 'Feminism & Leftist Politics in Italy', West European Politics 8\ 4
Passerini, L. (1994) 'The Interpretation of Democracy in the Italian Women's Movement of the 1970s and 1980s' Women's Studies International Forum 17\2-3
Beasley, J. (1984) 'The Women's Peace Camp in Comsio, Sicily', Spare Rib No 138
Bassnet, S. (1987) The Women's Movement in 4 Cultures Ch 3
Altbach, E. et al (1984) German Feminism: Readings in Politics & Literature
Altbach, E. (1984) 'The New German Women's Movement"', Signs Vol 9 No 3
Kawan, H. & Weber, B. (1984) 'The German Women's Movement', Signs 9/3
Chamberlayne, P. (1990) 'The Mother's Manifesto', Feminist Review No 35
Kulawik, T. (1991) 'Autonomous Mothers? West German Feminism Reconsidered', German Politics & Society
Einhorn, B. (1981) 'Socialist Emancipation: the Women's Movement in the GDR', Women's Studies International Quarterly 4/4
Bassnet, S. (1986) The Women's Movement in 4 Cultures Ch 2 on GDR
Schlaeger, H. (1978) 'The West German's Women's Movement', New German Critique No 13
Frank, M. (1978) 'Feminist Publications in West Germany Today', New German Critique Vol. 13 pp 181-194
Jacobs, M. (1978) 'Civil Rights and Women's Rights in the Federal Republic of Germany today', New German Critique No 13 pp 165-174
Kaplanski, L. (1984) 'German Feminism and the Peace Movement', Potomac Review Vol 26-27 pp 33-50
Hampele, A. (1993) 'The Organized Women's Movement in the Collapse of the GDR: the Independent Women's Association (UFV)' in Funk, N. & Mueller, M. Gender Politics and Post Communism
Rosenberg, D. (1996) 'Distant Relations: Class, 'Race' and National Origin in the German Women's Movement', Women's Studies International Forum, 19/1-2
Burns, R. & Van der Will, W. (1988) Protest and Democracy in West Germany Ch 4


Rague-Arias, M. (1981) 'Spain: Feminism in our Time', Women's Studies International Forum, 4/4
Threlfall, M. (1985) 'The Women's Movement in Spain', New Left Review No 151
Duran, M. & Gallego, M. (1986) 'The Women's Movement and the New Spanish Democracy' in
Dahlerup, D. (ed) The New Women's Movement
Astelarra, J. (1992) 'Women, Political Culture and Empowerment in Spain', in Bystydzienski, J. Women Transforming Politics

United Kingdom

Gelb, J. (1990) 'Feminism & Political Action" (Britain, Sweden, USA) in Dalton, R. & Kuechler, M. (eds) Challenging the Political Order
Coote, A. & Campbell, B. (1987) Sweet Freedom: the Struggle for Women's Liberation 1987
Wilson, E. & Weir, A. (1986) 'The British Women's Movment' in E Wilson Hidden Agendas
Harriss, K. (1989) 'Socialist-feminism in the 1980's', Feminist Review No 31
Bouchier, D. (1983) The Feminist Challenge: the Movement for Women's Liberation in Britain & the USA
Roulston, C. (1989) 'The Women's Movement in N. Ireland: 1973-1988', Science & Society, 52/2
Amos, V. & Parmar, P. (1984) 'Challenging Imperial Feminism', Feminist Review No 17
Nain, G. (1991) 'Black Women, Sexism & Racism: Black or Anti-racism Feminism?', Feminist Review No 37
Lovenduski, J. & Randall, V. (1993) Contemporary Feminist Politics: Women and Power in Britain 305.420941LOV
Cockburn, C. (1984) 'Trade Unions & the Radicalizing of Socialist Feminism', Feminist Review No 16
Loach, L. (1987) 'Can Feminism survive a Third Term?', Feminist Review No 27
Byrne, P. (1996) 'The Politics of the Women's Movement', Parliamentary Affairs, 49/1

Other West European Countries

de Vries, P. (1981) 'Feminism in the Netherlands', Women's Studies International Quarterly, 4/4
Dominelli, L. & Jonasdottir, G. (1988) 'Feminist Political Organization in Iceland', Feminist Review No 30
Peterson, A. (1983) 'Women & the Peace Movement in Sweden', Women's Studies International Forum Vol 8
Peterson, A. & Merchant, C. (1986) 'Women & the Environment Movement in Sweden', Women's Studies International Forum 9/5
Smyth, A. (1988) 'The Contemporary Women's Movement in the Republic of Ireland', Women's Studies International Forum 11/4

Soviet Union\ Russia\ Eastern Europe

Holland, B. (ed) (1985) Soviet Sisterhood: British Feminists on Women in the USSR
Mamonova, T. (1989) Russian Women's Studies: Essays on Sexism in Soviet Culture
Buckley, M. (1989) Women & Ideology in the Soviet Union Ch 6
Saleci, R. (1994) The Spoils of Freedom: Psychoanalysis, Feminism and Ideology after the Fall of Socialism
Posadskaya, A.(ed) (1994) Women in Russia: a New Era in Russian Feminism
Rotkirch, A. & Haavio-Mannila, E. (1996) Women's Voices in Russia Today
Nechemias, A. (1991) 'The Prospects for a Soviet Women's Movement" in Butterfield, J. & Sedatis, J. (eds) Perestroika from Below
Waters, E. (1993) 'Finding a Voice: the Emergence of a Women's movement (CIS) in Funk, N. &
Mueller, M. Gender Politics and Post Communism
Heitlinger, A. (1979) Women & State Socialism Part 2
Rieder, I. (1992) Feminism & Eastern Europe
Snyder, P. (1992) The European Women's Almanac 305.420947RIE 1xRS, 305.4094 1xD
Jancar, B. (1985) 'Women in the Opposition in Poland &Czechoslovakia in the1970's' in Wolchik, S. & Meyer, A.(eds) Women, State & Party in E. Europe
Hauser, E. et al (1993) Feminism in the Interstices of Politics and Culture: Poland in Transition' in Funk, N. & Mueller, M. Gender Politics and Post Communism
Einhorn, B. (1991) 'Where have all the Women gone? Women & the Women's Movement in East/Central Europe', Feminist Review No 39
Heitlinger, A. (1996) 'Framing Feminism in the Post Communist Czech Republic', Communist and Post Communist Studies, 29/1

Spare Rib Articles

France - No 22 ('74) No 56 ('77) No 90 ('80) No 91 ('80) No 108 ('81) No 144 ('84)
West Germany - No 28('74/'75) No 119 ('82) No 189 ('88)
Spain - No 64 ('77) No 89 ('79) No 90 ('80) No 91 ('80) No 108 ('81) No 110 ('81) No 119 ('82) No 161 ('86)
Italy - No48 ('76) No 59 ('77) No 79 ('79) No 108 ('81)
Poland - No205 (89) No164 (86)
Soviet Union - No 107(81)
Eastern Europe No 208(1989-90)

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