WS3300 Women in Europe Reading List

Women, Work & Family in Europe since 1945


J Lewis(ed)(1983) Women, Work and Family in Europe 305.42WOM 2xD
A Hunt (ed) (1988) Women & Paid Work
L Iglitzin & R Ross (eds)(1976) Women in the World
S Lewenhak (1980) Women and Work
P Norris (1987) Politics & Sexual Equality: Women in Western Democracies
L Tilly & J Scott (1987) Women, Work & Family Ch 9
M Davidson & C Cooper (eds) (1984) Working Women, an International Survey
A Yohalem (1980) Women Returning to Work: Politics & Progress in Five Countries
S Dex (1985) The Sexual Division of Work
V Beechey (1987) Unequal Work
S Arber & N Gilbert (eds) (1992) Women & Working Lives
A Coyle & J Skinner (1987) Women and Work: Positive Action for Change
H Kahne & J Giele (eds) (1992) Women's Work and Women's Lives
J Siltanen (1994) Locating Gender: Occupational Segregation, Wages and Domestic Responsibilities
N Charles (1993) Gender Divisions and Social Change 305.3CHA 1xRS
H Bradley (1996) Fractured Identities: the Dynamics of Inequality in Post-industrial Capitalist Societies
J Evetts (ed) (1993) Women and Careers: Themes and Issues in Advanced Industrial Societies 305.43WOM 1xRS 2x D
L McDowell & R Pringle (eds) (1992) Defining Women: Social Institutions & Gender Divisions Part 3
N Stockman et al (1995) Women's Work in East and West 305.43STO
M Vianello & R Siemienska (1990) Gender Inequality 301.41GEN 1x RS, 1x D
T Heiskanen & L Rantalaiho (1996) Gendered Practices in Working Life
V Ferreira et al (1998) Shifting Bonds, Shifting Bounds: Women, Mobility and Citizenship in Europe
E Drew & R Emerek (eds) (1998) Women, Work, and the Family in Europe
C Cockburn(ed) (1994) Bringing Technology Home 303.483BRI 1xRS
S B Kammerman (1979) "Work & Family in Industrialized Societies" Signs Vol 4 No 4
S Wolchik (1981) "The Status of Women in Eastern & Western Europe" Comparative Political Studies , January
K Kaupinen-Toropainen & T Gordon (1994) Unresolved Dilemma: Women, Work and Family in the US, Europe and Soviet Union

European Community

J Pillinger (1992) Feminizing the Market: Women's Pay and Employment in the European Community
C Hoskyns (1996) Integrating Gender: Women, Law and Politics in the European Union
T Rees, (1998) Mainstreaming Equality in the European Union : Education, Training and Labour
M Buckley & M Anderson (eds)(1988) Women, Equality & Europe
M Garcia-Ramon & J Monk (eds)(1996) Women of the European Union
D Meulders et al (1994) Atypical Employment in the EC
A Phizacklea (ed) (1983) One Way Ticket: Migration & Female Labour
M Morokvasic (1991) "Fortress Europe & Migrant Women" Feminist Review No 39
V Lorwin (1979) "Trade Unions & Women" in B E Brown (ed) Eurocommunism & Eurosocialism: the Left Confronts Modernity
C Lane (1993) 'Gender and the Labour Market in Europe' Sociological Review 41\ 2
E Drew (1992) 'Women and Part Time Work in the European Community' Women's Studies International Forum Vol 15 Sept\Dec

Soviet Union\Russia\Eastern Europe

V Moghadam (1993) Democratic Reform and the Position of Women in Transitional Economies 305.420947DEM 1xRS
S Rai et al (1992) Women in the Face of Change: Soviet Union,E. Europe & China
C Corrin (ed) (1992) Women's Experience of Change in the Soviet Union, Central & E. Europe
T Yeldin (ed) (1980) Women in E. Europe & the Soviet Union
A Heitlinger (1979) Women & State Socialism: Sex Inequality in the Soviet Union & Czechoslovakia
G Lapidius (ed) (1982) Women, Work & Family in the Soviet Union
M Buckley (1981) "Women in the USSR" Feminist Review Summer
M Buckley (1988) Women & Ideology in the Soviet Union
M Buckley (ed) (1992) Perestroika and Soviet Women
D Atkinson et al (eds) (1977) Women in Russia
M McAuley (1981) Women's Work & Wages in the USSR
M Sacks (1976) Women's Work in Soviet Russia
T Mamonova (1994) Women's Glasnost vs Naglost 305.420947MAM
V Koval (1995) Women in Contemporary Russia 305.4094WOM
E Mickiewicz (1971) "The Status of Soviet Women" Problems of Communism Vol 21 pp 59-62
Z Khotkina (1994) 'Women in the Labour Market: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow' in M Posadskaya(ed) Women in Russia
J Shapiro (1992) "The Industrial Labour Force" in M Buckley (ed) Perestoika & Soviet Women
M Molyneux (1990)'The Woman Question in the Age of Perestroika' New Left Review 182
E Waters (1989) 'Perestroika and Prostitution' Feminist Review No 33
S Bridger et al (1995) No More Heroines? Russia, Women and the Market
H Pilkington(ed) (1996) Gender,Generation and Identity in Contemporary Russia
H Goscilo(ed) (1989) Balancing Acts: Contemporary Stories by Russian Women
I Volgyes Life, Work & Sex in Socialist Hungary
J Szalai (1991) 'Some Aspects of the Changing Situation of Women in Hungary' Signs 17\1
I.L.O. (1980) Work & Family Life: The Role of the Social Infrastructure in Eastern European Countries
H Scott (1976) Women & Socialism: Experiences from E. Europe
R Siemienska (1985) "Women, Work & Gender Equality in Poland: Reality & its Social Perception" in S Wolchik & A Meyer (eds) Women,State & Party in E. Europe
R Siemienska (1996) 'Gendered Perceptions: Women in the Labour Market in Poland', Women's History Review, 5/4.
F Millard (1995) 'Women in Poland: the Impact of Post-Communist Transformation' Journal of Area Studies No 6
I Hrubos (1994) 'Women in the Labour Market in Hungary' Women's Studies International Forum vol17, nos 2-3
K Koncz (1996) 'The Position of Women in the Hungarian Labour Market after the regime change', Women's History Review, 5/4.
B Einhorn (1993) Cinderella goes to Market: Citizenship, Gender and Women's Movements in East Central Europe
M Molyneux (1994) 'Women's Rights and the International Context: Some Reflections on the Post Communist States', Millennium, Journal of International Studies , 23/2.


A Lever (1988) "Capital, Gender & Skill: Women Homeworkers in Rural Spain" Feminist Review No 30
M. Butragueno (1982) "Protective Legislation and Equal Opportunity and Treatment for Women in Spain" International Labour Review Vol 121 No 2 pp 185-198
V Ferreira (1994) 'Women's Employment in the European Semi-peripheral Countries' Women's Studies International Forum 17\2
I Andre (1996) 'At the Centre of the Periphery: Women in the Portuguese Labour Market', in M Garcia-Ramon & J Monk (eds) Women of the European Union.
A Brassloff (1995) 'Portuguese Women between Revolution and Recession: Gender in Decision-making and Employment' Journal of Area Studies No 6
A Sabate-Martinez (1996) 'Women's Integration into the Labour Market and Rural Industrialization in Spain' in M Garcia-Ramon & J Monk (eds) Women of the European Union
A Jones (1997) Women in Contemporary Spain


E Kolinsky (1993) Women in Contemporary Germany
T Epstein et al (eds) (1996) Women, Work & Family in Britain & Germany
H Shaffer (1981) Women in the Two Germanies
U Prokopp (1978) "Production and the Context of Women's Daily Life" New German Critique No 13 pp 60-68 Winter
R Moeller (1989) 'Protecting Mothers' Work: From Production to Reproduction in post-war West Germany' Journal of Social History 22\3
C Krojzl (1986) 'Refusing to be Invisible: Turkish Women in West Berlin' in R Ridd & H Callaway Caught up in Conflict: Women's Responses to Political Strife 301.412CAU
D Rosenberg (1991) 'Shock Therapy: GDR Women in Transition from a Socialist Welfare State to a Social Market Economy' Signs 17\1

United Kingdom

C Briar (1997) Working for Women? : Gendered Work and Welfare Policies in Twentieth-century Britain
J Hurstfield (1987) Female Workers in 20th Century Britain
S Atkins (1986)"The Sex Discrimination Act: the End of a Decade" Feminist Review 24
M Snell (1986) "Equal Pay & Sex Discrimination" in Feminist Review Waged Work: a Reader
G Robinson, N Heaton & C Davies (1994) "Ignored and Apparently Invisible: Women at Work in Northern Ireland" European Journal of Women's Studies Vol 1 No 1 Spring


D Stetson (1987) Women's Rights in France
C Laubier (1990) The Condition of Women in France
L Hantrais (1990) Managing Professional and Family Life : a Comparative Study of British and French Women
S Dex et al (1993) French and British Mothers at Work 331.4DEX
M-T Letablier (1995) 'Women's Labour Force Participation in France: the Paradox of the 90s' Journal of Area Studies No 6
J Windebank (1994) 'The Domestic Labour Debates in France' Women's Studies International Forum vol 17, no 5


G Quist (1985) "Women & The Swedish Federation of Labour 1898-1973" in N Soldon (ed) The World of Women's Trade Unionism
A Ellingsaeter (1993) 'Changing Roles: Trends in Women's Employment and Gender Equality' International Journal of Sociology 23\2-3
S Gustafsson & R Jacobsson 'Trends in Female Labour Force Participation' Journal of Labour Economics 3\1 256-74


J Andall (1995) 'Migrant Women and Gender Role Definition in the Italian Context' Journal of Area Studies No 6
C Saraceno (1991) 'Changes in Life-course Patterns and Behaviour of 3 Cohorts of Italian Women' Signs 16\3
F Anthias & G Lazaridis (2000) Gender and Migration in Southern Europe

Labour Research Articles

(mainly Britain & Western Europe)
"Forgotten Workers must be Remembered" Feb 89
"Women in Employment" July 84
'Women's Pay Fight Continues" Feb 85
"New Earnings Reveal Old Story" Dec 85
"Training for Equality" March 87
"Tackling the Roots of Pay Discrimination" Mar 87
"Narrowing the Pay Gap - UK Women Lag Behind" Mar 90
"The Widening of the Pay Divide" Jan 91
"Unions Tackle Equal Pay" Nov 91
"Minimum Wage: A Boost for Women" Mar 92
"The Rise & Fall of Workplace Nurseries" Dec 92
"Europe Bargains for Positive Action" Mar 89
"Minimum Wage: UK Goes Against the Grain" April 89
"Europe's Union Women" Mar 90
"Minimum Wage: Setting the Rate" Sept 91
"Are Unions Working for Women?" Mar 87
"Working for Equality in the Unions" Mar 88
"Unions & Part-timers: Do They Mix?" Mar 89

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