Women in Europe Reading List

Women and Politics in Europe

General\ Conceptual\ Europe-wide

J Hills & J Lovenduski (1981) The Politics of the 2nd Electorate
J Lovenduski (1986) Women and European Politics: Contemporary Feminism and Public Policy
P Norris (1987) Politics and Sexual Equality: Women in Western Democracies
V Randall (1987) Women and Politics 2nd Edition
J Lovenduski & P Norris (eds)(1993) Gender & Political Parties
M Currell (1986) Women and Political Power
L Iglitzin (ed) (1976) Women in the World
C Mueller n(1988) The Politics of the Gender Gap
B Rogers (1983) 52%: Getting Women's Power into Politics
M Stacey & M Price (1981) Women, Power and Politics
J Jaquette (ed) (1974) Women in Politics
A Ward et al (1993) Women and Citizenship in Europe
J Bystydzienski (ed)(1992) Women Transforming Politics
M Gittens et al (1994) Different Roles, Different Voices: Women and Politics in the USA and Europe 320.082DIF 2xRS
J Siltanen & M Stanworth (1984) Women and the Public Sphere
A Oakley (1981) Subject Women
A Parker et al (eds) (1992) Nationalisms and Sexualities
M Rendel (ed) (1981) Women, Power & Political Systems
S Verba et al (1978) Participation and Political Equality
E Vallance & E Davies (1986) Women MEP's and Equality Policy
D Sanzone (1984) "Women in Positions of Political Leadership in Britain, France & West Germany" in J Siltanen & M Stanworth (eds) Women & the Public Sphere
A Stevens (1986) "Women, Politics & Government in Britain,France & Germany" in S Reynolds (ed) Women, State & Revolution
R Dowse & J Hughes (1971) "Girls, Boys & Politics" British Journal of Sociology
E Krislike (1966) "Level of Optimism as Related to Female Political Behavior" Social Science Vol 41
S Bourque & J Grossholtz (1974) "Politics as Unnatural Practice: Science Looks at Female Participation" Politics and Society
M M Lee (1976) "Why Few Women hold Public Office" Political Science Quarterly Vol 91 Part 2
M L Inglehart (1981) "Political Interest in W. European Women" Comparative Political Studies Vol 14 No 3
F Castles (1981) "Female Legislative Representation and the Electoral System" Politics Vol 1 No 2
J Hills (1983) "Candidates and the Impact of Gender" Parliamentary Affairs 36\3
P Norris (1991) "Gender Differences in Political Participation in Britain: Traditional, Radical & Revisionist Models" Government & Opposition Vol 26 No 1
J Chapman (1987) "An Empirical Study of Consciousness-raising" British Journal of Political Science Vol 17 Part 3
M Jennings & B Farah (1980)"Ideology, Gender & Political Action: a Cross-national Survey" British Journal of Political Science Vol 10 No 2
B Nelson (1984) "Women's Poverty & Women's Citizenship" Signs 10\2
W Kohn (1981) "Women in the European Parliament" Parliamentary Affairs 34\2
P Norris (1985) "Women's Legislative Participation in W. Europe" West European Politics Vol 8 No 4
M Stacey & M Price (1980) "Women & Power" Feminist Review No 5
J Evans (1984) "The good society? Implications of a greater participation by women in public life" Political Studies Vol 32 No 4
S Welch (1977) "A test of some explanation for male-female political participation differences" American Journal of Political Science Vol 2 No 4
D de Vans & I McAllister (1989) "Gender & Political Alignment in 11 Nations" European Journal of Political Research Vol 17 No 3
J Lovenduski (1997) 'Gender Politics: A New Breakthrough for Women?' Parliamentary Affairs 50/4

United Kingdom

L Middleton (1977) Women in the Labour Movement: the British Experience
A Carter (1988) The Politics of Women's Rights Chs 4 & 5
P Norris & J Lovenduski (1994) Political Recruitment: Gender, Race and Class in the British Parliament
E MacDonald (1992) Shoot the Women First
R Ridd &H Callaway (1986) Caught up in Conflict: Women's Responses to Political Strife
A Brown (1997) Changing the Face of Party Politics in Britain
J Rasmussen (1983) "Women's Role in Contemporary British Politics: Impediments to Parliamentary Candidates" Parliamentary Affairs 36\3
P Norris (1985) "Conservative attitudes in recent British elections: an emerging gender gap?" Political Studies Vol 18 No 1
P Norris (1985) "The gender gap in Britain & America" Parliamentary Affairs 38\2
J Lovenduski & P Norris (1989) "Selecting Women Candidates: obstacles to the feminisation of the House of Commons" European Journal of Political Research 17\5
P Norris (1991)"Gender differences in political participation in Britain: traditional, radical & revisionist models"Government & Opposition Vol 26 No 1 1991
E Vallance (1984) "Women Candidates in the 1983 Election" Parliamentary Affairs 37\3
"Women in Parliament" Economist 28/2/87
"The Women's Movement and the Labour Party: interview with Labour Party Feminists" Feminist Review No 16 1984
"Some Political Impliations of Women's Involvement in the Miner's Strike 1944-5" Feminist Review No 23 1986
R Elliot (1984) "Women's Organization in UK Trades Unions" Feminist Review 1984
P Norris (1994) 'The Recruitment of Party Candidates' in L Robins et al (eds) Britain's Changing Party system
S Childs (2001) 'Attitudinally Feminist? The New Labour Women MPs and the Substantive Representation of Women' Politics 21/3
C Bochel & J Briggs (2000) 'Do Women Make a Difference?' Politics 20/2


Y Ergas (1982)"Feminism & the Italian Party System" Comparative Politics 14\ 3


V Mottier (1995) 'Citizenship and Gender Division in the Swiss Direct Democracy' West European Politics 18\1


C Abel & N Torrents (eds) (1984) Spain: Conditional Democracy Ch 9


E Kolinsky (1993) Women in Contemporary Germany
M Jacobs (1978)"Civil Rights & Women's Rights in the Federal Republic of Germany today" New German Critique No 13
M Ferree "Feminist Politics & Equality Offices" German Politics & Society Nos 24 & 25 1991-92
E Kolinsky (1981) "Political participation & Parliamentary careers: women's quotas in W Germany" West European Politics Vol 14 No 1
E Kolinsky (1988)"The West German Greens: a Women's Party?" Parliamentary Affairs Vol 41 Part 1
C Christy (1985) "American & German trends in sex differences in political participation" Comparative Political Studies Vol 18 No 1
E Kolinsky (1991) 'The SPD and the Second 'Frauleinwunder'' in J Gaffney & E Kolinsky(eds) Political Culture in France and Germany
E Kolinsky (1989) 'Women in the Green Party' in E Kolinsky(ed) The Greens in West Germany
M Hampton (1995) 'Women and the 1994 Elections: Dissatisfaction and Accommodation' in D Conradt et al (eds) Germany's New Politics


D Stetson (1987)Women's Rights in France
C Duchen (1986) Feminism in France: from May '68 to Mitterrand
M Sineau (1983) "French women in politics: stagnation or change?" Journal of Area Studies No 7
M Coquillat (1988) "The Achievements of the French Ministry of Women's Rights 1981-6" in M Buckley & M Anderson (eds) Women, Equality & Europe
W Northcutt & J Flaitz (1985) "Women, Politics and the French Socialist Government" West European Politics Vol 8 Part 4
S B Bashevkin (1987) "Changing patterns of politicization and partisanship among women in France" British Journal of Political Science Vol 17 Pt 3
N Henry (1995) 'Gender Parity in French Politics' Political Quarterly 66\3


E Haavio-Mannila (1985) Unfinished Democracy: Women in Nordic Politics
M Keranen(ed) (1992) Gender and Politics in Finland
L Karvonen(ed) (1995) Closing the Gap: Women in Nordic Politics
I Blom (1988) 'Women's Politics and Women in Politics in Norway since the end of the nineteenth century' in S Kleinberg(ed)Retrieving Women's History
I Norderval (1985) "Party & legislative participation among Scandinavian women" West European Politics Vol 8 No 4
M Edwards (1991) "The Swedish Gender model: productivity, pragmatism & paternalism" West European Politics Vol 14 No 3

Soviet Union\ Russia\ Eastern Europe

G Browning Women and Politics in the USSR
R Hill & P Frank The Soviet Communist Party Ch 2
G Lapidus (1978) Women in Soviet Society
B Holland (ed)(1985) Soviet Sisterhood
M Buckley (ed)(1992) Perestroika & Soviet Women
M Rueschemeyer(ed) (1993) Women in the Politics of Post-Communist Eastern Europe 301.5920947WOM 1993
A Reading (1992) Polish Women, Solidarity and Feminism
J C Moses (1977) "Women in Political Roles" in D Atkinson et al (eds) Women in Russia
G Lapidus (1975) "Political Mobilization, Participation and Leadership: Women in Soviet Politics" Comparative Politics Vol 8 1975
B Harasymiw (1978) "Have women's choices for political recruitment in the USSR really improved?" in T Yeldin (ed) Women in E Europe & the Soviet Union 1978
M Morokvasic (1995) "Being a Woman in Yugoslavia: past, present & Institutional equality" in M Gadant (ed) Women of the Mediterranean
J Regulska (1992) 'Women and Power in Poland' in J Bystydzienski Women Transforming Politics
B Jancar (1985) 'Women in the Opposition in Poland and Czechoslovakia in the 1970s'in S Wolchik & A Meyer Women, State and Party in Eastern Europe 301.412094WOM
S Wolchik (1996) 'Czech and Slovak Women and Political Leadership' Women's History Review, 5/4
J Heinen (1992) 'Polish Democracy is Male-gendered' Women's Studies International Forum 15\1
M Rueschmeyer (1994)'Women in the Politics of Eastern Germany: the Dilemmas of Reunification' in M Rueschmeyer(ed) Women in the Politics of Post Communist Eastern Europe
A Herhoffer (1995) 'Autonomy versus Integration: East German Women and Political Participation' Journal of Area Studies No 6
R Saleci (1992) 'Nationalism, Anti-Semitism and Anti-Feminism in Eastern Europe', New German Critique No 57.

Labour Research Articles

"Women in unions: a long way to go" April 1986
"Why women stay out of the house" Jan 1992
"Challenging the men in suits" March 1992
"Slow progress in Euro-unions" March 1992
"The Commons: A Women's Place" 1991
"More Women in the gentlemen's club?" May 1992
'Labour Threat to Gentleman's Club' March 1997

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