Women in Europe Reading List

The European Union and Women

C Hoskyns (1996) Integrating Gender: Women, Law and Politics in the EU
M Buckley & M Anderson (eds) (1988) Women, Equality and Europe
Rights of Women (1983) Women's Rights & the EEC
S Prechal & N Burrow (1988) Sex Discrimination Law of the European Community
E Vallance & E Davies (1986) Women MEP's & Equality Policy
E Landon (1985)The Rights of Working Women in the European Community
J Mossuz-Lavau & M Sineau (1984) Women in the Political World in Europe
J Lovenduski (1986) Women & European Politics
V Randall (1987) Women & Politics p. 283-302
F Gardiner (ed) (1997) Sex Equality Policy in Western Europe
A Carter (1988) The Politics of Women's Rights
J Pillinger (1992) Feminizing the Market: Women's Pay and Employment in the European Community 331.4094PIL
M Garcia-Ramon & J Monk (1996) Women of the European Union: the Politics of Work and Everyday Life 305.42094WOM
H Warner (1984) "Community Action on Behalf of Women" Journal of Common Market Studies Vol 23 No 2
C Hoskyns (1986) "Equality & the European Community" in Feminist Review Waged Work: a Reader (Also in Feminist Review No 20 1985)
E Meehan (1987) "Women's Equality & the EEC" in F Ashton & G Whitting Feminist Theory & Practical Policies
H Fenwick & T Hervey (1995) 'Sex Equality in the Single Market: New Directions for the European Court of Justice' Common Market Law Review 32\2
A Wickham (1989) "Engendering Social Policy in the EEC" mlf
C Hoskyns (1991) "The European Women's Lobby" Feminist Review No 38
C Cockburn (1996) 'Strategies for Gender Democracy: Strengthening the Representation of Trade Union Women in the European Social Dialogue' European Journal of Women's Studies Vol 3
M Morokvasic (1991) "Fortress Europe & Migrant Women" Feminist Review No 39
A Brah (1993) "Re-framing Europe: En-gendered Racisms, Ethnicities, and Nationalism in Contemporary Western Europe" Feminist Review No 45
K-K Bhavnani (1993) "Towards a Multi-cultural Europe?" Feminist Review No 45 Autumn
C Hoskyns & M Orsini-Jones (1995) 'Immigrant Women in Italy: Perspectves from Brussels and Bologna' European Journal of Women's Studies Vol 2
A Dummett (1991) "Racial Equality & 1992" Feminist Review No 39
S Duncan (1996) 'Obstacles to a Successful Equal Opportunities Policy in the EU' European Journal of Women's Studies, 3/4.
Labour Research Articles
"UK puts parental leave in jeopardy" Jan 1986
"EEC equality law brings UK into line" Oct 1987
"1992 - party time for big business" Jan 1989
"Equality in 1992" Feb 1989
"1992 - the prospects for women at work" Oct 1989
"1992 & Immigration" April 1990
"Part-timers rights - Europe drops UK" Oct 1990
"Taking a Break - by Law" Nov 1990
"Rebirth of pregnant workers rights" Dec 1990
"Migrants: facing the clampdown" Feb 1991
"Europe: the state of play" March 1991
"Euro-summit: the issues at stake" Dec 1991
"Standing up to sexual harassment" May 1992
Equal Opportunities Review Articles
"European Sexual Harassment Charter" May/June 1989
"EEC Initiative on sexual harassment" July/Aug 1989
"EEC sexual harassment resolution" July/Aug 1990
"Parental & Family leave: proposed directive" Sept/Oct 1989
"EEC Draft directives on part-time & temporary work" Sept/Oct 1990
"EEC Draft directives on pregnant workers" March/April 1992

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