Women in Europe Reading List

Feminist Theory

This list is designed specifically for Women in Europe and includes some French, German & Russian feminist texts in translation, as well as work by British and American feminists.

M Wollstonecraft (1792) A Vindication of the Rights of Women esp ch 2
S de Beauvoir (1949) The Second Sex esp Vol 2 Part 2 "The Married Women"
B Friedan (1963) The Feminine Mystiqe esp chs 1 & 8
S Firestone (1970)The Dialectic of Sex esp ch 1 & 10
C Delphy (1984) "The Main Enemy" (1970) in Close to Home: a materialistic analysis of women's oppression
C Delphy (1994) 'Is 'Difference' the Future for Feminism?' Women's Studies International Forum 17\2-3
K Millett (1971) Sexual Politics esp ch 2
S Rowbotham (1973) Women's Conciousness, Man's World esp ch 6
H Cixous (1983)"The Laugh of the Medusa" (1975) in E Abel & E Abel (eds) Women, Gender & Scholship
S Brownmiller (1992) "Against our Will: Men, Women & Rape" (1975) in M Humm (ed) Feminisms: a reader
C Guillamin (1987)"The Question of Difference (1979) in C Duchen French Connections
Almanac (1980) Women in Russia
F Haug (1992) "Men's History, Women's Liberation & Socialism (1981) in Beyond Female Masochism: Memory Work & Politics155.633HAU 1xRS
C Thurmer-Rohr (1992) Vagabonding: Feminist Thinking Cut Loose
H Hartmann (1981) "The Unhappy Marriage of Marxism & Feminism" in L Sargent (ed) Women & Revolution
B Hooks (1989) "Feminism: a Transformational Politic" in Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black
Milan Women's Bookstore Colective (1990) Sexual Difference
P Bono & S Kemp (1991) Italian Feminist Thought: a Reader
T Mamonova (1989) Russian Women's Studies: Essays on Sexism in Soviet culture
G Bock & S James (eds)(1992) Beyond Equality and Difference

These are secondary sources on Feminist Theory
R Tong (1989) Feminist Thought: a Comprehensive Introduction
V Randall (1987) Women & Politics Intro & ch 1
C Ramazanoglu (1989) Feminism & the Contradictions of Oppression chs 1 & 8
C Cockburn (1991) In the Way of Women: Men's Resistance to Sex Equality in Organisations ch 1
A Carter (1988) The Politics of Women's Rights ch 7
S Kemp & P Bono (1992) Italian Perspectives on Feminist Theory
A van Lenning & J Hemsen (1991) Feminist Debates in Holland
V Bryson (1992) Feminist Political Theory
D Leonard & L Adkins (1996) Sex in Question: French Materialist Feminism
T Moi (1994) 'From Simone de Beauvoir to Jacques Lacan' in M Githens et al Different Roles, Different Voices: Women and Politics in the US and Europe

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