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Women's Studies

This is the first of a series of Women's Studies pages designed for students at the University of Wolverhampton.
Most of the pages are created using html.
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International Women's Websites * Aviva - Listings of Women's Groups and Events * Women of Color Web *
Voice of the Shuttle Gender Studies Page * Fullmoon's Web * Russian Feminism Resources * South Asian Women's Network * Womensnet * Women and Disability Resources * United Nations Commission on the Status of Women *
Internet Women's History Sourcebook * Feminist Pedagogy Pages


Duke University Documents * Australian Feminist Archives * The Women's Library * Local Archives * Feminist Archive *
The Women's Library * Feminist Chronicles 1953-1993 * Second Wave Archives


Women against Fundamentalism * On the Issues * Quine Online * Saxikali Magazine * Manushi * Feminist Review * European Journal of Women's Studies * Women's History Review * Signs * National Women's Studies Association Journal *
Internet Magazine * Switch: Electronic Journal * Genders Online


HS1015 Campaiging & Citizenship * WS2203 Feminist Theory & the Contemporary Women's Movement * HS2017 Telling Our Stories *
WS3005 Equality & Diversity WS3300 Women in Europe * WS3000 Feminism, Materalism & Postmodernism


Women's Movements * Feminist Theory * Women and Politics * Women and Work * Women in Europe * Sexuality * Health * Women's History


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