Welcome to Ruslan Mitkov's homepage

I did my university degree at Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany. I received my PhD on 9 January 1987 at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany.  I joined the University of Wolverhampton on 2 October 1995. I am Professor of Computational Linguistics and Language Engineering at the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences and Head of the the Research Group in Computational Linguistics which I founded in 1998. I am also Director of the Research Institute for Information and Language Processing.
Prior to coming to Wolverhampton, I was Research Professor at the Institute of Mathematics, Bulgarian Academy of Science.


At the moment I am working on a variety of topics in Natural Language Processing and so far I have published more than 150 articles. I am still very much interested in anaphora resolution, but another research topic which I proposed and actively investigate is the automatic generation of multiple-choice tests.  Recent topics that I have researched and published include the automatic identification of cognates and false friends, the use of NLP methodology and corpora to verify the validity of translation universals, translation memory as well as bilingual term extraction.  I am interested in (or have worked on) a number of other topics such as computer-aided language processing in general, translation technology, annotation of corpora, centering, summarisation, question answering, temporal processing, CALL, machine translation, corpus linguistics and translation studies.


Currently I teach a course on  NLP applications within our International Master’s Programme in Natural Language Engineering. I also supervise postgraduate students researching in different areas of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing. I often act as an external examiner of PhD theses in Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics and Corpus Linguistics at UK and overseas universities.  I have been external examiner of MSc degrees in Translation Studies and Translation Technology at Imperial College, London, Exeter University and University of Swansea.

Books and Editorial Roles

I am author of the book on Anaphora resolution published by Longman; I am also the sole editor of the Oxford Handbook of Computational Linguistics published by Oxford University Press. Currently I am Executive Editor of the Journal of Natural Language Engineering (Cambridge University Press). I am also the Editor of the Book series on Natural Language Processing published by John Benjamins.

Other Activities

I am Programme Chair of the Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP) conference, Programme Co-Chair for the Discourse Anaphor and Anaphora Resolution Colloquium  and one of the Programme Chairs of the annual international conference "Translating and the Computer" which takes place every November in London. I also serve on the Programme Committees of various international conferences and workshops. I have been keynote or invited speaker at a number international conferences on Natural Language Processing including Machine Translation, Translation Technology and anaphora resolution, or translation.
I have been often invited to act as evaluator for research projects or professorial applications in the UK, Europe and North America. 
I am involved in a number of national and international projects.  
I have provided extensive service to the research community and education by initiating and directing various events, networks or activities.  
Details about teaching and research experience, interests, contributions, a full list of publications, editorial commitments, invited talks, grants, citations, professional activities, industrial collaboration etc. can be obtained from my curriculum vitae